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We have a wide range of real ales from a variety of sources that we offer. You will find that we change our range frequently and you will be able to keep track of it all here.


Bob 4.0% Chequered Flag 4.1% Cotswold Way Shipyard American Pale Ale 4.5%
Bob 4.0%

Bob 4.0%


abv: 4.0%

Amber & Hoppy

An award winning Classic Amber Ale. 4% ABV. The connoisseur's session ale. Brewed using locally sourced ingredients and 3 varieties of malt with Challenger and Fuggle hops to produce a well balanced hoppy palate. A own unique strain of yeast plus our pure Cotswold water completes the story making Bob a rounded moreish ale. A drinker's favourite.

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Chequered Flag 4.1%

Chequered Flag 4.1%


abv: 4.1%

Amber & Malty

Winning refreshment can be had with every pint of our Chequered Flag amber ale.

Generously hopped using Cascade and Willamette this ale will leave you wanting more. Malt flavours come from a skilful blend of Pale and Crystal malts.

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Cotswold Way

Cotswold Way


abv: 4.2%

Brown & Fruity

The Original Chestnut Ale. 4.2% ABV. The fruity body and flavour is derived from a special range of 3 malts mashed with our own Cotswold water and flavoured with a triple blend of choice hops. Our unique yeast adds the finishing touch. A very drinkable ale.

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Shipyard American Pale Ale 4.5%

Shipyard American Pale Ale 4.5%


abv: 4.5%

Amber & Fruity

A beer born out of a conversation between Master Brewers Alan Pugsley of Shipyard Brewing Co. and Simon Yates of Marston's to craft a classic American style Pale Ale to satisfy the growing thirst of British drinkers for American craft beers.

The beer is dry hopped for greater aroma and flavour with a quartet of four American hop varieties – Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and Centennial delivering a big, bold, brash hoppy beer. Drop anchor for a spell and enjoy.

Enjoy this classic, refreshing American style Pale Ale bursting with grapefruity citrus flavour.

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Spot On

Neil H on TripAdvisor

Great Village Pub

Eberhard H on TripAdvisor

Lovely pub, food excellent

PhilipKSmith on Trip Advisor

justifiably world famous

meconopsisgard on TripAdvisor

You need to go here

Annarie2612 on Trip Advisor


new1986 on TripAdvisor

Superb service, superb food. A must if you are in Burford.

purpleronnie81 on Trip Advisor

Busy restaurant but nothing too much trouble for the staff

Brian M on TripAdvisor

A must if in the area!

eldan2310 on TripAdvisor

The best steam I have eaten since arriving in the UK 4 weeks ago.

Ozchickinuk on TripAdvisor

Staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Madjacknam on TripAdvisor

even the cat seemed to purr a welcome!

Mark H on TripAdvisor

Thank you for the lovely warm welcome

Wilson168 on TripAdvisor

Not sure which beer we had such was the variety on offer - was either Artful Dodger or Village Idiot

Deltablade on TripAdvisor

We always eat here when visiting Burford

Michael H on TripAdvisor

Travelling that way with dogs? a must

L-PS030655 on Trip Advisor

The service was excellent. All good. Go there. Now.

OxfordDecapo on TripAdvisor

All through our stay the staff were both friendly and attentive

LadysmithJack on TripAdvisor

genuinely good pub grub.

Brian Puddephat on TripAdvisor

I'd recommend for any steak lover.

Sam D on TripAdvisor

Claims about best steaks could not be challenged.

Dick P on TripAdvisor

I would certainly go for a meal if you are near Burford

691Holdenby on TripAdvisor

Staff were really helpful and polite

Wayne310 on TripAdvisor

nothing was a problem to the young guy serving

Jinty478 on TripAdvisor

The service was good- with a smile.Food was done to perfection

Dandini on TripAdvisor

good food good service and an excellent atmosphere

wetdogish on TripAdvisor

it is one of the best places in Burford

nikkiboy180 on TripAdvisor

First time we have experienced this much consideration given to children.

Andrewgwood on TripAdvisor

was a proper English pub.

Oli09 on TripAdvisor

Good service and range of beers.

peterdent on TripAdvisor

The food was excellent, steaks from a local farm cooked to perfection.

mazH190764 on TripAdvisor

We got up and sang and danced and had a OUSTANDING time

teemurphy on TripAdvisor

Their food was absolutely gorgeous and the staff was kind and very attentive, which is a bit rare in pubs usually.

niks2402 on TripAdvisor

we had a great meal, wonderful food and good value!

Julia G on TripAdvisor

The deserts are MUST TRIES.

Natfrank on TripAdvisor

There's a nice log fire in the bar section and a general cosy feeling.

fruitylemon on TripAdvisor

Thankyou Kizzy and all of your staff for a wonderful New Years Eve.

Jean and Michael

it was fantastic pub grub, for a reasonable price served with the warmth and welcome we wanted

NickyDuke on

The pub is easy to spot at the bottom of the High Street because of its beautiful collection of hanging baskets and tubs.

Food And Drink Guides

Very friendly welcome and efficient and friendly service

Yahoops, Andover

In our Witney team's top 5 places to eat in the area,

Finders Keepers Estate Agents

lovely patio garden at rear of pub

Mushkamunchkin's on Qype

relaxed atmosphere and lovely staff

Anonymous of

'A typical Cotswold style inn, which offers both food and real ales. '

Euryalus on Pub Utopia

 Thanks for visiting The Cotswold Arms
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